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H24 Stuffed Grape Leaves

5 pcs - $3.49

H25 Falafel

5 pcs - $6.99

H26 Kibbe

2 pcs - $5.99

H16 House Chopped Salad

S: $2.99, L: $4.99

H17 Tabouli Salad

S: $3.99, L: $6.99

H18 Small Greek Salad


H19 Cucumbers & Yogurt

S: $2.99, L: $4.99

H20 Humus Dip

S: $3.99, L: $5.99

H21 Baba Ghanouge Dip

S: $3.99, L: $6.99

H22 Garlic Sauce

S: $2.99, L: $4.99

H23 Basmati Rice

S: $1.99, L: $4.99

H27 French Fries

S: $1.99, L: $4.99

H28 Spicy Hummus

S: $3.99, L: $6.99

H29 Lentil Soup

S: $1.99, L: $2.99

H30 Caesar Salad


F1 Family Dinner – Serves 4

2 Chicken “Tika” Kabobs, 2 Lamb Kabobs, 4 Ground Beef Kabobs, Hummus, Baba Ghanouge, Rice, Garlic Sauce, & Pita Bread

F2 Deluxe Family Dinner – Serves 6

3 Chicken “Tika” Kabobs, 3 Lamb Kabobs, 6 Ground Beef Kabobs, 2 Filet Mignon Kabobs, Hummus, Baba Ghanouge, Rice, Garlic Sauce & Pita Bread

F3 Shawarma by the Pound

Beef and Lamb Mix or Chicken
half - $7.99, whole - $13.99

F4 Garnish

Fresh onions, tomatoes and Pickles.
Half - $2.99, Full - $4.99

M1 Vegetarian Mix Platter

Greek Salad, Baba Ghanouge, Hummus, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Fattouch, Tabuli & Pita Bread

M2 Shawarma Chicken

Sliced chicken Shawarma, Choice of two side

M3 Shawarma Beef & Lamb

Sliced beef & Lamb mix Choice of two side

M4 Skander

Sauteed pita bread covered with yogurt slice Beef Lamb shawarma mix topped with tomato sauce.

M5 Chicken “Tika” Kabob

Marinated all white Meat fire grilled on skewers, choice of two side.

M6 Roasted Game Hen

Served with Fries & Garlic Sauce.
half: $8.99, whole: $11.99

M7 Lamb Kabob

Tender lamb marinated and grilled on skewers, Choice of two side.

M8 Mixed Grill

A skewer each of Chicken, lamb and ground beef kabob. Choice of two sides.

M9 Filet Mignon Kabob

Beef filet, expertly Sliced and grilled to order on skewers. Choice of two side.

M10 Country Dinner

Shawarma Beef and Lamb mix over hummus.

M11 Falafel Dinner

5 pcs. Deep Fried Chickpea Patties choice of 2 side.

M12 Shish Tawouk

Grilled Chicken withChoice of two side.

K1 Original Chicken Kabob

Fresh ground chicken Choice of two side

K2 Sicilian Kabob

Fresh ground chicken stuffed with olives, Italian Spices & feta cheese, Choice of two side

K3 Kofta

Fresh ground lamb kabobs Choice of two side

K4 Koobideh Kabob

Fresh ground beef kabobs Choice of two side

Z1 Chicken nuggets

6 pieces with fries

Z2 Chicken tenders

3 pieces with fries

D1 Baklava

D2 Harissa

S28 Greek or Caesar Salad

Entree sized salad available as either Greek or Caesar style.

S29 Shawarma Salad

Chicken or Beef and Lamb Choice of a Greek or Caesar salad

S30 Falafel Salad

Choice of a Greek or Caesar salad

S31 Chicken “Tika” Kabob Salad

Marinated all white meat fire grilled and served over your choice of a Greek or Caesar salad

B1 Chicken Kabob

Fresh Ground Chicken Kabob

B2 Sicilian Kabob

Fresh ground chicken Stuffed with Olives & Feta Cheese.

B3 Kofta

Fresh Ground Lamb w. parsley and seasoning.

B4 Ground Beef Kabob

Traditional Ground Beef.

B5 Chicken Shawarma

Sliced Spiced Chicken.

B6 Beef & Lamb Shawarma

Sliced Beef &, Lamb Mix with Spices.

B7 Falafel

Deep Fried Chickpea with Tahini sauce

B8 Chicken Tika Kabob

White meat grilled.

B9 Filet Mignon Kabob

Grilled filet Mignon.

B10 Lamb Kabob

Grilled Lamb